वापसी की कहानियाँ

Elva Agsalo (mother of three children) sent us a photo with her family along with her gratitude for the financial and psychological support provided.

Mrs. Elva Agsalo came to Cyprus in 22/03/2001 as a Domestic Worker. She is a single parent of 3 children; Mohammad Reza (13yrs), Mike Angelo Atieh (5yrs) and Froilan Adam Agsalo (2yrs). 

ARDEN  came to Cyprus in November 2012 to work as a chef in a restaurant. He is the father of 6 children.

MARGARITA AYASON PAAT came to Cyprus in May of 2001 as a Domestic Worker. She is married and has 3 children; 2 boys (22 y. and 14 y.) and a girl (18 y.).