Stories of Return

Life in CYPRUS

Mrs. Elva Agsalo came to Cyprus in 22/03/2001 as a Domestic Worker. She is a single parent of 3 children; Mohammad Reza (13yrs), Mike Angelo Atieh (5yrs) and Froilan Adam Agsalo (2yrs).   

The decision to go

Mrs. Elva Agsalo contacted AVR CYPRUS representatives who helped her to apply for Assisted Voluntary Return Program. As Mrs Agsalo realized that the living conditions of her family in Cyprus are very difficult and she decided to repatriate. Elva heard about AVR Cyprus through a friend of hers. She spoke with her family back in Philippines who also supported her decision to return.

She contacted AVR Cyprus and received all the necessary support throughout the process. AVR Cyprus helped her fill in an application form, register her children in Cyprus and in Philippines, assisted their travel documents and helped with the logistics of return, including booking the travel to the airport on the day of departure.

She was able to apply to the Assisted Voluntary Return Programme, which entitled her up to €4000 to buy electronics, clothes, shoes, and also offered a seminar on how to start a business when she returns to Philippines.

Plans for the future

The AVR programme gave her the opportunity to reunite with her family and also provided the necessary support to settle in Philippines. She plans to open a small grocery shop in her home town.