Stories of Return

Life in CYPRUS

Mrs Mary June Gequira came to Cyprus in 29/9/2009 as a Domestic worker. She is a lone parent of 3 children; a girl Kuerstine (10y) and 2 boys Ali Shabbir (3y.) and Hsham Shabbir (2y.)

The decision to go

Mary June contacted the AVR Cyprus representatives who informed her about the program and helped to apply for a voluntary repatriation back to Philippines.  Mary-June realized that the recent developments in economy had affected her life dramatically and she couldn’t extend her residence here in Cyprus. Mary-June learned about the program through a friend of hers. Her excitement to return back home was also supported by her family in Philippines.

She contacted AVR Cyprus and received all the necessary support throughout the process. AVR Cyprus helped her fill in the application form and assisted her travel documents and tickets.“They gave me all the information I needed and made sure I understood everything before I signed the application” she said.

As Mary-June was irregular for number of years, she could apply for Assisted Voluntary Return Programme, which entitled her up to €3000 to buy electronics, clothes and shoes.

Plans for the future

As part of their reintegration assistance, Mary-June received intensive business courses as she decided to open up a shop selling fresh fruits and vegetables. ‘’I can’t wait to return back and start my own business. I have dreams for my life again, after years..’’ she later stated.  Mary-June has return safely back to Philippines with her family and in the forthcoming weeks she plans to start to open up her shop in her home town.