Stories of Return

Life in CYPRUS

Mrs. Lilian Bustillo came to Cyprus in 06/06/2005 as a Domestic Worker.

The decision to go

Mrs. Lilian Bustillo attended AVR Cyprus offices and informed about her need to return back to her country of origin.  She was unable to continue her work in Cyprus.   “AVR Cyprus offered me a dignified way to return along to financial support… I got a sense of courage to return to Philippines and start a business...”

Since Lilian was irregular for 6 years, she was able to apply to the Assisted Voluntary Return Programme, which also entitled her up to €1000 to buy electronics, clothes, and shoes.

Plans for the future

The AVR Cyprus gave to Lilian the opportunity to return back to her parents and siblings and start her life again.  “I have dreams for my life again, after years… I believe that I gained knowledge and experience from Cyprus which I can use back to my country…”