Stories of Return

Life in CYPRUS

ARDEN  came to Cyprus in November 2012 to work as a chef in a restaurant. He is the father of 6 children.

The decision to go

ARDEN contacted advisors of AVR Action in order to get assistance in leaving Cyprus with dignity. Years looked for an opportunity to leave but economic instability did not allow him to perform his journey. “AVR gave me the confidence and courage I needed to go back to my homeland and to reopen my business ...” 

ARDEN remained irregularly in Cyprus for two years, thus he could participate in the program of Assisted Voluntary Return, which helped him with the amount of € 1000 for the purchase of electronics, shoes and school supplies for his children, and the fundamental elements to grow his business.

Plans for the future

The program gave the opportunity and support to Arden that will help him reinstated again in the Country. "I thank the program for helping me so much and giving me hope and happiness again." Having already arrived in the Philippines, he contacted us informing that he started his business printing T-shirts, sending us the first photos.