Assistance at the airport

AVR Cpyrus will help you with:

  • Travel documentation
  • Arranging a flight to your country of return
  • Assistance at the airport in Cyprus
  • You may also be able to access help at the airport you return to

Before you travel to the airport they will explain to you how heavy your bags are allowed to be. They will offer you the choice of sending your stuff with a cargo company paid by AVR Cyprus.

Please weigh your bags carefully to make sure they are not heavier than this amount or you will have to pay extra.
Also, please make sure that electronic devices (such as lap-tops) are kept in your hand luggage.

Your caseworker will arrange a meeting place at the airport. Please arrive at this meeting place at least 2 hours before your flight to allow enough time for airport procedures.

Your caseworker will take you to the check-in desk and they will wait with you until you have checked in your luggage and are given a boarding card

Your caseworker will give you a payment card with €400 of your reintegration money and ask you to sign some forms that confirm you have received the exact amount.