Aims and Objectives

The AVR programme promotes voluntary returns in a humane and dignity way to those who can no longer stay legally or/and financially in Cyprus.  As a centre, we are a liaison office between the target group and the government services and departments, in order to inform, help and support those who are thinking to return to their countries of origin. Services are provided free of charge by trained personnel. 

AVR through the Migrant Information Centre for Assisted Returns (MICAR) aims to provide and improve:

  • Individual guidance to migrants considering returning to their country of origin.
  • Optimal chances for their future and well-being in their country of origin.
  • Assistance when they will reach their country of origin.
  • Information and counselling to beneficiaries for assisted voluntary return.
  • Psychological support to applicants.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Preparation of any related documents (i.e. travel documents, tickets).
  • Collaboration with governmental services and other departments to promote fast and effective procedures
  • Financial assistance (i.e. flight tickets)
  • Assistance on the travel plan and logistics related to return.
  • Educational supportive seminars (i.e. computers, business).
  • Assistance at the airport when departing to the home country.
  • Assistance in the reintegration of the applicant in the home country in collaboration with corresponding service there.