How AVR Cyprus  service works

How AVR Cyprus  service works

The Migrant Information Centre for Assisted Voluntary Return - AVR Cyprus provides individual guidance to migrants considering to return to their country of origin.

The Action promotes voluntary returns as a humane and dignified way, focusing on the needs of the returnee. It actually improves any optimal chances for their future and well-being in their country of origin.


Capacity building

Assistance at the airport

Capacity building

Help for when you return



Stories of Return

What’s like to reintegrate again to your country of origin?

It’s really important for us to share the stories of people who return voluntary back to their countries which have been helped by the AVR Cyprus, in a human and a dignified way. In this way we can share with the rest of the world our mission and goals and present an alternative method of returning back. Find out how it was all this procedures for the returnees both psychological and social level. 

We would like to thank all those who have shared their stories with us. To protect the privacy of individuals, all names of the people featured in stories of return are fictitious - and the photos are not necessarily of the people in the stories.

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Elva Agsalo (mother of three children) sent us a photo with her family along with her gratitude for the financial and psychological support provided.

1st Beneficiary of AVR Cyprus!!! Thankful and Worth Fulfilling!!!

Mrs. Lucrecia Camarillo

Mrs. Suzan Tagud

Mr. Zoher Edin Zohri

Mrs. Lilian Bustillo

Mr. Abdul Majeed

Mrs. Van Nyugen Thi



Mrs. Elva Agsalo