Stories of Return

Life in CYPRUS

Mr. Zoher Edin Zohri came to Cyprus in 10 of October 2014as an asylum seeker.

The decision to go

Mr. Zoher spoke to AVR Cyprus when he realized that he couldn’t extend his residency in Cyprus.  Limited job opportunities and insufficient financial resources brought him to the decision to leave the country and travel to Malaysia.  He mentioned, “AVR Cyprus offered me a dignified way to leave the country with financial support… I got a sense of courage to travel to Malaysia and start my life over again...”

As Zoher was an asylum seeker for almost 1 year, he could apply for the Assisted Voluntary Return Programme, which entitled him up to €1000 to buy electronics, clothes, before he travels to Malaysia.

Plans for the future

The AVR programme gave to Zoher the ability to seek his future dreams in to another country, as because he could not return to his home country, Syria. “I have dreams for my life again, after years… I believe that I gained knowledge and experience from Cyprus which I can use abroad…”